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We, MAPERS (PTY) LTD a Company legally registered in the Republic of South Africa and acting on a corporate responsibility, herein declare that it is our intention to offer our various services and that we are prepared to identify and follow up on the submitted requests according to the desired specifications and quantities.

The current trade and business situation between South Africa, Africa and other parts of the World has been showing significant growth in recent times, and Africa is now one of the major buyers of South African products, and this offers opportunities in the various markets. Our goal is to meet the needs of customers with quality. At this moment we are looking for new challenges in the market, aiming at the development of an objective work and result generator, in order to enable qualitative and quantitative growth for those involved.


We carry out:

  •  Provision of various services: 
  • Identification of companies interested in the fields of civil construction, railways, industry etc. for African companies that need these services; 
  • Personalized medical support, with translations (spoken and written), transportation, hotel booking, consultations etc. 
  • Search in the market of products of various qualities and specifications for export.
  • Food stuff - Import and Export; 
  • Parts for the automotive industry; 
  • Parts for industry in general; 
  • Cleaning products and equipment; 
  • Equipment and machinery for small industry.
  • CCTV mainly HikVision Brand, we provide, assemble and provide technical assistance, EAS, Thermal Imaging Camera for commercial and industrial use, Finger Biomatrics. We have a wide experience of 35 years in this field, having worked with the major food retailers all over Africa.
  • Computer equipment of various brands, with the direct supply from the factories. We supply and assemble, POS (points of sale), Computer networks, hand scanners, access points for workers, warehouses, offices and complexes, etc.
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Luis Manuel Rodrigues Coutinho Bacelar

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